"A unified front bursting with beautiful harmonies and Talent"- DC Music Review

Washington DC | Richmond, VA (RVA)

The Last Real Circus Show



The Last Real Circus Show are an American folk rock band based out of Washington DC, and Richmond, VA. The founding members are Jason Farlow (lead vocals, guitar, Bass), Joey Gibson (lead vocals, guitar, bass), Yuchen Tian (Guitar, Bass, vocals), Lamar Moore (Percussion, Drums) & Devon Mercer (Vocals, Key & Sound) 



The band has quickly gained a big following with loyal fans from all over, with their soulful heartbeat singles, “Chaplin’s Life,” and “Roller Disco.” With the addition of their new originals “A Zion at Heart”, “Wildflower from the 80's“ and “Golden Squares“ to the set list, The Last Real Circus Show is coming into their own as an act! Currently, The Last Real Circus Show are coming off of last year's tour, along with adding some additional members to the band during the break. “We are on a journey to spread positivity, music, and most of all, love, to all we encounter and perform for.”- Farlow



The band's stripped back raw sound draws heavily from artists that influenced them including: “The Lumineers”, “Avett Brothers”, “Counting Crows”, "Rainbow Kitten Surprise (RKS)," “Mumford and Sons”, “Tom Petty”, "Modest Mouse," “The Head and the Heart”, “Fleet Foxes”, and others alike.

They are known for their energetic stage presence, storytelling and overall musicianship towards their music and fans. Staying true to the meaning of their tales.